Sugar Bee's
All Natural Hair Removal

Ladies Services & Pricing

 Bikini  $25  
 Extended Bikini  $32        French Bikini  $40      
 Brazilian  $65

*Brazilian Maintenance $50          -returning clients on a 4 to 6 week schedule.

Online scheduling
Lip  $10                
Brow  $18              
Lip & Brow  $25        
Chin  $15    

 Full Face  $45  
  *For first time Full Face clients, we do require a patch test 2-3 days prior to a full face sugar service.  There is a potential for a histamine reaction when Vellus hair (the softer, finer hairs) is removed for the first time.          

Half Arms  $25          
Full Arms  $35      Underarms  $20        
Abs  $25
Half Legs  $45           
Full Legs  $75

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